Jim Dornan

1948 - 2021

Welcome to Remembering Jim Dornan.

This website has been set up by Jim’s family so that friends, colleagues, and the countless lives of those Jim had touched who wish to express their message of condolence and peace can do so. 

The outpouring of support globally since his unfortunate passing on March the 15th, is testament to what an inspiration in life Jim was both personally, as a Father and a Husband, and professionally as an internationally respected and renowned expert in Obstetrics & Gynaecology. 

About Jim

Jim began his medical career qualifying in 1973. His hard work and determination led him on to various senior positions with both the Queen’s University and Ulster University in Northern Ireland.  Jim regularly lectured both in Ireland and internationally. 


In 2004 Jim was elected Senior Vice President of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, where he helped develop Global health initiatives, including the establishment of an emergency obstetrician that provides lifesaving skills for medics, midwives and nurses in nations with scarce resources. Jim is survived by his son Jamie, his two daughters Jessica and Liesa, and his wife Samina.


At the age of 73 Jim sadly passed away on March 15th 2021, after battling Covid-19. 


  • Muhabbat

    Dr. Jim was so much more than just a man with incredible pleasant and friendly personality. He was a friend for so many of us, doctor with incredible medical reputation, father to children to be proud of and husband to amazing and wonderful woman. Our family was introduced to Dr. Jim almost 3 years ago and it was a rare moment when you meet someone that if the world would have more people like him, it would be so much better. He was very open, we felt so comfortable to talk to him in a way, people only do when they know each other for a long time. What was very evident, that Dr. Jim treated people around him like friends, regardless of social status and race. I really hoped, that his efforts to improve our society would be realized. Dr. Jim was bright in company of his beautiful wife, Dr. Samina, whom I personally consider as Godsend to me and hundreds of other women, who became happy mothers. He won’t be forgotten, the memories of him will remain in our hearts forever.

  • Christine Marie

    Such a devastating news to learn the loss of a true gentleman. I'm sending my deepest condolences to his family, his wife Samina, his friends and his medical family. Jim, you were always so positive. Last time we spoke you said "Stay safe and positive...and COVID negative." Never thought this would be your last words to me and that they would resonate so much today. You were a fighter for women’s health, a legend in OB/GYN. Thinking of your circular soccer partners, golf partners. You were a wonderful human being, a precious friend. Rest in peace Jim. 💔🕊️🕯️

  • Bronagh and Ned

    To Dr Dornan’s family we extend our sincere and heartfelt sympathy on his recent passing. Dr Dornan delivered our only child 26 years ago. Dr Dornan supported us throughout the pregnancy and through his profesionalism and care ensured the birth of our son was a joyous and memorable experience. A photograph of Dr Dornan with our new born son hangs proudly in our home to this day. Our sincere sympathy to you as a family on the loss of a very special person,husband ,father and grandfather.

  • Jenny Gillanders

    Very fond memories of Jimmy D . He became my doctor during my first difficult pregnancy at 20 weeks when things weren’t going well . He treated us with respect and compassion and although we sadly lost our little boy Simon at 25 weeks , he was amazing and so compassionate. We went on to have a daughter Rosie the following year and then 5 years later , twins all thanks to this amazing man . He called me Jenny G and always smiling even though he had very recently lost his first wife Lorna . My deepest sympathy to the entire family circle on losing Jimmy D to this horrible disease .

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