Jim Dornan

1948 - 2021

Welcome to Remembering Jim Dornan.

This website has been set up by Jim’s family so that friends, colleagues, and the countless lives of those Jim had touched who wish to express their message of condolence and peace can do so. 

The outpouring of support globally since his unfortunate passing on March the 15th, is testament to what an inspiration in life Jim was both personally, as a Father and a Husband, and professionally as an internationally respected and renowned expert in Obstetrics & Gynaecology. 

About Jim

Jim began his medical career qualifying in 1973. His hard work and determination led him on to various senior positions with both the Queen’s University and Ulster University in Northern Ireland.  Jim regularly lectured both in Ireland and internationally. 


In 2004 Jim was elected Senior Vice President of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, where he helped develop Global health initiatives, including the establishment of an emergency obstetrician that provides lifesaving skills for medics, midwives and nurses in nations with scarce resources. Jim is survived by his son Jamie, his two daughters Jessica and Liesa, and his wife Samina.


At the age of 73 Jim sadly passed away on March 15th 2021, after battling Covid-19. 


  • Orla Berry

    I didn’t know Jim Personally but I was aware of the high regard in which he was held in both professionally & Personally. His loss must be immense to his wife Samina and his three wonderful children and I want to take this opportunity to offer you my deepest condolences at this truly sad time. I wish you peace and strength to navigate this next phase of life without Jim in it. x

  • Roisin

    A truly wonderful, kind soul & an amazing doctor. He saved my life & I owe him a debt that can never be repaid. The world will be a lesser place without him. Deepest sympathy to all the Dornan family. May he rest in peace

  • Michele Petrillo

    My sincere condolences to the entire Dornan family. My heart hurts so much for someone I have never met. I have heard Jamie speak of his dad with love and admiration. A wonderful human being who impacted so many lives. May he watch over his loved ones with his big smile and pride in his eyes. Gone too soon. His love and legacy will live on. Take comfort in your good memories as your grieve. Love to all. 💚

  • Angelica Cid Navarro

    Lamentable pérdida. Sin duda una persona admirable que encontró su sentido de vida ayudando a los demás. Un gran abrazo

  • Nicole Stengel

    I didn't know Mr. Jim Dornan personally, nor did I ever meet him directly, but he was not unknown to me and what he did was wonderfully. His son Jamie has led me there because I have been following his acting career in recent years. It was also through Jamie that I was once a silent observer, in London, when Mr. Dornan supported his son at a film premiere and watched from afar how warm relationship between these both. It is precisely for this reason that I am so infinitely sorry, for all in the Dornan family, what loss they now have to endure and send everyone, with all my heart, a great deal of strength to withstand this stroke of fate.

  • Linda

    I didn't know Mr. Dornan personally nor anyone in the family but I know what's it's like to lose a dad. I could tell by the comments from his kids, that they loved him very much and he loved them. It will take them a while to come to terms with this but he will be with them always,as long as they keep him in their heart which I'm sure they will. In the meantime, know that you are in our prayers. It's never easy to lose a parent.

  • Emma Hales

    RIP Jim gone but never forgotten my thoughts are with the family at this sad time ❤️❤️

  • Manuela Flores Rivas

    Dear Family Dornan when our loved ones leave us, they belong back in our dreams and memories. then our heart is confirmed again, knowing that it has not been lost. My deepest condolences Manuela

  • Margaret D

    My sincere condolences to all the Dornan family. It is never easy to lose a parent but he will live on in the memories of his children and grand-children. Thoughts and prayers from Australia

  • Nigel McMahon

    I only met Jim Dornan once and was immediately touched by how open, welcoming and friendly he was. In March 2014 I received a ticket in an alumni draw to attend the ceremony to award Sir Alex Ferguson an Honorary Doctorate at the University of Ulster. I arrived early, there was virtually no one there. Jim arrived and immediately came over to me. He asked who I was, what I did for a living and we chatted for a while. Jim's friend John Linehan arrived and joined us. Jim introduced me and they talked about their friendship and shared some funny stories. By this time the hall had filled and people were being ushered to their seats. Jim, who I think was on the UU Senate, was in the reserved section at the front. As we went to part and I said my goodbyes, Jim took be by the arm and led me up to the section at the front and sat me down. I had a lovely afternoon and got some good photos of Sir Alex on his big day! My sincere condolences to the Dornan family. The world has lost a gentleman.

  • Karen from Missouri USA

    I’m so sorry for your loss, I’ve never met Mr Dornan but I’m sure he was a blessed man. Jamie, Leiza and Jess my heart goes out to you cause I lost my Mom a few months ago so I know the hurt. God bless you all , I hope it gets better for you as the days go on..

  • Franceska B

    Professor Jim helped me tremendously during my OBGYN course last year. He was a compassionate and caring individual who sympathized with my struggle of living away from home and took the personal time and attention to ensure I was successful in his class. He was incredibly passionate about his work and still stands to be one of the best mentors I have encountered during my education. My heart goes out to his family who has lost an irreplaceable role model and to my fellow students who will never have the chance to be taught by such an amazing teacher. Although the world has lost an unforgettable man, the impact he has had on thousands of students and patients will live on. We miss you, professor Jim.<3

  • Terry Sloan

    I met Jim through Jamie who was great school friend of my late son Chris. I will always remember Jamie and Chris and I having an enjoyable golfing weekend in Scotland with my son Roger who was studying at University of Edinburgh at that time. I spent many an afternoon watching junior school rugby with Jim and enjoyed his great sense of humour .Both Jim and Jamie gave me great consolation when I lost Chris in a car accident. Very sad to hear of Jim's passing and my condolences to Jamie. and family.

  • helen m

    Rest peacefully JCD ! I was so lucky to be your patient for a number of years . Thank you for the warmth and respect you showed me in some difficult times! I forgive you for the names you called me! I so enjoyed your humour, wit and a love for life and people !!!! Thinking of all the family you loved so much at this time -they must be heartbroken . The world was fortunate to have you and now we have lost an amazing soul ! Rest well your life's work is done - Thank you !

  • Fiona, Andy, Catriona and Alasdair Edington

    We were fortunate enough to have Prof Jim Dornan deliver our fabulous Catriona and he was due to deliver fab Alasdair but Ali decide to appear early (the day after Jim and Samina went on holiday sailing in the BVI and Jim assuring me there was no way Ali would come early!) - Dr David Boyle stepped in, thankfully, and eventually when Jim's "mothers'" had moved out of the amenity beds in the Royal I could move in! I first met Jim when we arrived in Belfast from London - he being recommended by Dr Con Kelleher as the "best on the island of Ireland". I phoned for an appointment, a letter written preceding, to be told by the receptionist "I had left it very late" to see Dr Dornan; fortunately Jim did not think that and on we went. 20 years later, 2 children, Jim and Samina's wedding, lunches & dinners in Belfast, London and a trip by Samina and Jim to us in the Tarn , they were due to come again in the summer of 2020 but the pandemic and work commitments intervened and so many memories, f, laughter and we are devastated - devastated that the light and warmth that was Jim Dornan is no longer there for us all. We are all better for having known him and for having been part of his life - he enriched our lives so much and I can only hope that we all made his life more fulfilling and amusing too. To the Dornan family - much love and thanks for sharing him with us all - the memories are something we will all cherish. Thank you dear Jim and may you rest in peace looking over us all and saying "good man, good man"! xxx


    its with great sadness that I write this to dr dornan his children and grandchildren I met prof jim many years ago in the 80s at one of his many great teachings and my how he could get the point across with such easy zest for life but his approach to patients and there family was just amazing he gave is time so willingly and his knowledge gave so much to them and how he never forgot there cause he trated each and every patent with the greatest respect thank you proff for all you did may you be at peace and your family find the strength at this time RIP

  • Elaine Hicks

    Like so many others, I have appreciated Jim’s intelligence, professionalism, wit, kindness and common sense over the years when we were students, trainees and colleagues and will miss being able to catch up on our more recent occasional meetings in Motiv8 and socially. A huge loss to all that knew him. My thoughts and condolences go to the family circle.

  • MONTHIER Veronique

    y didn't know Jim personnaly but by his réputation, enough to know he was a great man,a pretty personn who mades always the good ,loved his family, what sadness to learn he is passing away ,a shocked news ,as he was arrived in ours family ,y send all my condolences,my friendship,my sincere sympathy ,my best thoughts anwd prayers to aĺl his family and friends . Y think in Jamie ,who was so closed with his dad ,y wish they go through this difficult time ,Jamie ,y pray for you heal ,and recover the peace, with Amelia's help and love ,send to all family strenght, my friendship and love Jim ,you will stay unforgettable, May you rest in peace .for ever in my heart .LOVE.

  • Adrian and Mary McCullough

    We are saddened to learn of the death of Professor Jim Dornan. After I suffered medical negligence at Antrim Area Hospital. I went privately.Jim delivered both my other 2 babies and I was never so at ease with his professionalism, caring and the very very funny things he would say. He once told me when I went for my 12 week scan oh your having another girl a playmate for your older daughter. After a few weeks he told us they're is a healthy baby boy in there. I said to him you told me 6 weeks ago it was a girl and he just laughed and said well unless it's growing something it's definitely a boy. Always enjoyed meeting him. My sister Christine is saddened she was a true friend of Jim's who she had known from she was 17 years old. Jim you are a true legend and we will never ever forget all that you did for us. RIP gone but not forgotten.♥️

  • Heydy Gomez

    My sincere condolences to the entire Dornan family for this sad loss.

  • Oscar Estrada

    Family Dornan, in this difficult time, our prayers and thoughts are with you

  • Sandra

    When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. RIP prof Jim Dornan. (And if you run into my mom and sister in heaven, give them a big hug and tell them I love them) My thoughts arre with his family and friends.

  • Antonella

    Condolences to the whole Dornan family. This is a moment of pain and very difficult to overcome. Jim will always live in their hearts and will be present every day in their lives. Rest in peace Professor Jim

  • Natasha

    For the love of all Irish Jim’s no longer of this world, while the tides of grief wash in and out, we share your heartache.

  • Silvana Sabbag Piurkoski

    Que Deus, na sua infinita bondade, o acolha com muito amor. Que seus entes queridos sejam envoltos com luzes de paz e conforto. Tive covid, e meu marido quase morreu, recebam minha solidariedade, e um abraço direto do Brasil.

  • maria teresita ciganda

    Mis condolncias a toda la flia , por lo que he leido a sido un excelente profesional y ser humano . Que descanse en paz y fuerza a toda la famillia

  • Claudia Fernandes

    I'm from Brazil and I learned to admire Dr. Jim by listening to Jamie talking about him. I'm sorry for the whole family. May God comfort your hearts.

  • Betsy Schindler

    I am not a personal friend of the family, I am a fan of Jamie, but I was devastated to hear the news of Jim Dornan's passing. It felt like Dr. Jim Dornan was such a well known and beloved figure and I could not comprehend that he had died. It is such a tremendous loss for his family and friends, and his colleagues all over, but it is also a huge loss to the entire world. My heart goes out to Samima, and Jamie, and Jessica, and Leisa, as they cope with this very difficult loss. I have thought of you every day and am keeping you close in my thoughts and prayers. I am hoping you find comfort and peace in warm memories. Bless you all.

  • Sandra Dizinger

    My heartfelt condolences to the whole Dornan family, I wish you a lot of strength in this difficult time. Jim will live on in you.

  • Mary Kelly

    I first met Jim when I was pregnant for the second time. Sadly it ended in an early miscarriage. Jim was so caring and sympathetic and I believed him when he told me my next one would be fine. When I went back to him he asked if I wanted to know the gender. No, I said. He knew I had one son already and as he was washing his hands, he started whistling the tune of Two Little Boys! He laughed and said, ah but you don’t know if I’m having you on. He brought my lthird into the world, a daughter. The nurses couldn’t believe I was Jim’s patient but I didn’t know the gender in advance. He was such a great man, such fun as well as being an excellent medic. My sincerest sympathies to his family who must be feeling so bereft at losing such a giant of a man.

  • Lorraine

    I never met prof Jim Dornan but know I would have been certainly liked him. Love and prayers to samina Leisa Jess jamie and their families. Jim Rest in peace xx

  • Inma

    Sorry for your loss, my condolences and love to all the Dornan family and friends. I never met Jim (I wish I would have done it) but I was fond of him because I feel I knew him thanks to Jamie and all the things he told on tv these past years. It's unbelievable all the lifes he touched. What a wonderful man. I'm really sad. The photos are beautiful and show that he had a life full of love and joy. Thanks for sharing them. Much love from Sevilla, Spain xx

  • (Dr) Ken Hunter

    Jim quite simply was a great man! It is very rare for one person to have ALL the attributes so consummately accomplished by his wonderful approach to life! Wherever he went he radiated very high positive masculine energy! His personality was all welcoming, inclusive and exuding warmth and charm. Every one in his company felt very validated and totally included....and great social warmth exuded from the table. Putting it more colloquially...."an absolute charmer" the ladies adored! He was then more than adequately qualified to take on the many roles he did so absolutely successfully with the women he worked with and for!......advocating powerfully socially and brilliantly for Women's Reproductive rights....and much more. He was a wonderful hugely astute confidant...ALWAYS, but always having a very positive alternative powerful viewpoint.....ahhh Jim so much more to share!! Thank you so much for enriching my life so! I cant begin to understand the pain his dear wife Samina must be bearing and the rest of his extended lovely family including the now very famous very talented Jamie!! .On the last occasion I shared a table with Jim he demonstrated his wicked sense of humour and brilliant mimicry telling a story mimicking a local TV celebrity mimicking a strong Belfast accent...he nailed BOTH accents perfectly to my ear......and it was simply "brilliant!" And I could see where Jamie gets at least some of his remarkable talent!....Jim, I was so looking forward to seeing you are sorely missed .....and by so many loving souls....thanks for being there!!....Commiserations to Samina ....and the whole family!.....and the grieving world!

  • Shirley Jones

    I met Prof Jim Dornan on a few occasions. The first time was when he came to the ward I worked on to visit someone. He came to the office to thank us for looking after the patient. I also met him on social occasions and he was so charming and kind. He dedicated his life to women's health and to charities close to his heart, Tiny Life and NIPANC. We were very proud of him here in NI. I was so shocked and saddened to hear that he had died. I send my love to Samina, Liesa, Jessica and Jamie and all the family. I hope the wonderful memories they have will sustain them in the time ahead.

  • Haamid Jaffer

    We were all very saddened to learn the day Jim passed away in Dubai. He gave of himself without expecting anything in return. Jim was committed to help impart skills to Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in Pakistan to save Mothers and New born. As a Member of the Pakistan Liaison Group of the RCOG, Jim led a Team of Consultants, Nurses and Technicians and imparted a week long Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care programme at our family supported hospital in suburban Karachi - Murshid Hospital and Health Care Hospital. He and Samina visited Islamabad regularly and made many friends that certainly would miss Jim. We pray that may Jim's soul rest in eternal peace and that he is rewarded for his selfless service to our species. May Samina and family members bear his sudden departure with fortitude and patience.

  • Roxana Leiva

    My condolences to the family .

  • Ina Annett

    Deepest sympathy to Leisa and her family on the loss of your Dad. Let your memories guide you through this sad and difficult time.

  • Ann

    A life well lived. To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die. Heartfelt sympathy to Dr Dornan's wife Samina and children.

  • Suz@nneLee

    I wish I could have known you Mr. Dornan. So many lovely tributes to the man who you were tells me that you were kind, generous, loving, faithful, giving. Rest In Peace dear sir. So many will miss you. . . 🌹

  • Amy from Liverpool

    RIP to this absolute powerhouse of the OBGYN world. You leave a formidable legacy in your wake Professor, my condolences and love to your beautiful family of whom you are so very proud. Xx

    • Peggy

      Our deepest condolences to your family for the loss of Jim

      • NDI

        I remember Jim from even before the regular Sunday morning gatherings for coffee (after the night before) in one of the kitchen/common rooms on the first floor of Biggart the early 1970s.. He was certainly, even then a leader of the pack, full of enthusiasm and ideas and with an infectious smile to match.. Then in early 1999 together with DB and TT he started the prestigious Obstetrics and Gynaecological private practice known as 438,. The deal for renting the rooms having been struck at one of HD’s parties in Helen’s Bay at about 3 o’clock in the morning. The practice moved to 352 at the beginning of 2003 and then after JD, TT and DB had left it evolved into a large multi disciplinary organisation, including the Kingsbridge hospital, and has now expanded beyond Northern Ireland. But it was Jim’s enthusiasm and can do approach that started it.. I am indeed sorry Jim has gone.and offer my sympathy to all the Dornans.

  • Carmen, California USA

    Wishing you peace to bring comfort and the courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your hearts. My deepest condolences to the Dornan Family

  • Saira Rasheed

    Samina and Jim have been in my life for nearly 6 years. They became family very quickly and our love for Ireland bonded us. I saw Jim last in London 3 years ago with Samina and that is one of my most memorable times I spent with them. I am shocked and shattered by this news. I always felt I would have had more opportunities to spend time with them and have a laugh. Alas, life is very unpredictable and unfair. I hope Samina is able to come out of this strong. We are all here for you.

  • Joseane Valle de Ataíde

    I want to offer my most sincere condolences to the Dornan family, I know what they must be going through at this moment, exactly 5 months ago my father also went to the eternal home. I leave here all my affection for you, it is not easy, the homesickness only increases with the passing of the days, but be strong your father was a great man, who leaves a great legacy so that his next generations can be proud of him. May GOD bless the Dornan family greatly. With affection Joseane Valle de Ataíde.

  • Louise cooke

    I don’t personally know Mr. Jim Dornan. But I do know he was highly respected and loved all over. It was a sad day when he passed. I know he has touched many lives , brought many lives in to this world. Sorry to hear he has passed. My thoughts and prayers go to his beautiful children, their spouses and children. You have all lost a great man. I hope u celebrate his life once you have taken your time to grieve The healing will get better and you won’t think of this sad time but if all the beautiful memories you all share of him. Take care, stay safe and god bless. Sending hugs from Manchester,UK.

  • Roxana Leiva

    Condolences to the family. San Jose, Costa Rica

  • Karina Neyra Ramírez Cruz

    Mi más sentido pésame por el fallecimiento de su señor padre , descanse en paz y luzca para él la luz perpetua. Fué en éste mundo un gran ser humano excepcional. 🌺

  • Ann marie

    I first met Jim when I was a nursing auxiliary during a friendly hockey match between the Royal and City hospitals. He was so charismatic and friendly. Then Jim was my consultant during my 4 pregnancies, he took good care of me, always smiling and joking. Then I became a midwife and for a brief time had the honor to work with Dr. Dornan. Opening up my phone last week and seeing the news of his passing really shocked me. His passing will be a great loss to the obstetric circle, but no greater a loss than that of his family. My heartfelt sympathy to you all, thank you for sharing him with us. Xx

  • Noor Kazrooni

    Remembering Prof Jim always brings a smile to my face and heart. That in itself says a lot.

  • Angela Brown

    Like so many others, I was shocked and saddened to learn of Jim's death. I had the privilege of being part of The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine's collaborative work with the RCOG whilst Jim was Vice-President and developing international maternal health initiatives. I have never forgotten trips to Somaliland with Jim to assess maternal health services, or the pleasure of spending time with Jim and Samina when I was later on a work trip in Pakistan and they were on holiday - both Jim and Samina went out of their way to facilitate my 'networking' as well as passing some leisure time with me. Jim's death is a huge loss to national and international health services, but his contribution has been great. Such a wonderful and kind man is a huge loss to Samina and Jim's family. My very sincere condolences.

  • Dafina Yosifova, nurse from Sofia,Bulgaria

    It'sad when a person goes and hard talk about it. To be quiet and calm your eternal dream,Dr. Dornan! God to reward you for good deeds! Non one dies while there is anyone to remember it!

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