Jim Dornan

1948 - 2021

Welcome to Remembering Jim Dornan.

This website has been set up by Jim’s family so that friends, colleagues, and the countless lives of those Jim had touched who wish to express their message of condolence and peace can do so. 

The outpouring of support globally since his unfortunate passing on March the 15th, is testament to what an inspiration in life Jim was both personally, as a Father and a Husband, and professionally as an internationally respected and renowned expert in Obstetrics & Gynaecology. 

About Jim

Jim began his medical career qualifying in 1973. His hard work and determination led him on to various senior positions with both the Queen’s University and Ulster University in Northern Ireland.  Jim regularly lectured both in Ireland and internationally. 


In 2004 Jim was elected Senior Vice President of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, where he helped develop Global health initiatives, including the establishment of an emergency obstetrician that provides lifesaving skills for medics, midwives and nurses in nations with scarce resources. Jim is survived by his son Jamie, his two daughters Jessica and Liesa, and his wife Samina.


At the age of 73 Jim sadly passed away on March 15th 2021, after battling Covid-19. 


  • Ali reza eghtedari

    I met him more than a year ago for first time immediately I felt a warm feeling of security talking to him, without any effort he use to become a pleasant centre of any conversation it was a privilege rest in peace my freind

    • Dr Sana kausar

      I feel honored to have known Jim, and over the last 2 years, Samina and Jim felt like family. He was always kind, happy, witty and generous, and lived life in a fabulous way. I will remember Jim with nothing but fondness. What a true friend for womankind! Rest In Peace Jim.

      • Sana

        By Mary Elizabeth Frye Do not stand at my grave and weep I am not there; I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on snow, I am the sun on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush I am the swift uplifting rush Of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there; I did not die.

    • Oma Fontes

      RIP Professor Jim Dornan Prayers to your family You will be missed 🙏☘️❤️

  • Drew Wylie

    Whilst anyone who knew the man would never doubt Jim’s infectious enthusiasm and the exceptional “can do” attitude for which he was so much admired, not so many will know that, possibly prompted by a proliferation of red wine, Jim offered, and I accepted, his services as a navigator on the Circuit of Ireland in a Lotus Elan. It’s safe to say, I don’t think he’d really thought it quite the whole way through, nor did he ever actually consider his lack of experience in map reading & calling of Pacenotes while travelling at near breakneck speeds along the lanes of Ireland. However, not to be daunted, he summed up our forthcoming adventure with words so many of you will be familiar with “Sure, it’ll be great fun, won’t it?” And so we set off, got lost between the first special stage in Bangor & the second one in Dromore, but still managed to get day one over us. Only then, did Jim admit to me that he’d never concentrated as intensely, on one thing, for so long, and ended up making such a hash of it! However, we soldiered on for 2 more days and the relief was palpable when a errant rear wheel overtook us on a road section, resulting in our retirement. Never let it be said that man wasn’t game for a challenge, or a laugh, and like me, I hope you will never remember him without a smile on your face. In every aspect of his existence he exuded fun, positivity and a caring nature rarely encountered. Like all of you who read this, I’ll miss him. Gone but never to be forgotten.

    • Hazel

      Having worked alongside Jim in Royal Maternity many years ago your story brings a smile to my face. There was nothing Jim enjoyed more than a bit of fun and he knew how to get that work life balance because of it. He was that amazing consultant obstetrician that everyone loved and trusted and he is deeply missed.

    • Dixie Hurme

      Beautifully said, Drew. For those of us who did not know him you managed to capture the essence of the man in such a beautiful tribute.

  • Arthur McMurray

    I first came across Jim in 1970 when we were medical students, since then we became friends, housemates and worlwide travellers. I will miss him terribly. It has been my privilage to have had him as a friend.

  • Daisy

    Jim was the most amazing man. He organised the best week of work experience for me and I honestly can’t thank him enough. He inspired me to apply to medical school and was there to give me advice anytime. His dedication to medicine and helping others was so clear and it was such a privilege to have known him.

  • Thomas Nau

    For the short time that I knew Jim, he has made a big impression on me, professionally and as a person. Always active, even after retirement, he will always be a kind of academic role model for me, never stop being involved in teaching and research, passing his knowledge and skills on, this is truly inspiring.

  • Des Compton

    Thank you for your friendship over 54 years and the enrichment that you gave to my life in so many ways. You never changed from day one. You always said. Desi we have to move on. You don't know how difficult that is now

  • Mairead Harbinson

    I met Jim in 2002 when i started working in RMH. There was no multi discipline when Jim was around and i loved that about him! He was such a kind and caring man. I will never forget u Jim and i know ur legacy will live on forever. RIP

  • Harry Scott

    It has been my absolute privilege and pleasure to have known Jim for forty years, in work and leisure.In work he was a consummate and caring professional.In leisure he was the very best of company.A joy to be with. My abiding memories will be of his warmth,his humour and his ever present smile.


    Great memories being in Jim’s company At the gym Trips to Old Trafford and Medinah for the Ryder Cup He always had a good story to tell or a great question to ask Great company Great man So sorry for your loss Norma and Alan

  • Kieran Sherrard

    Jim was the best of men ,fearless, courageous, honest and kind. He was learned and skilled in the art of obstetrics and gynaecology. which he used for countless grateful patients. He will be hugely missed by Samina and by Liesa, Jessica and Jamie , and by his own sisters and families all of whom he loved and of whom he was so proud. A man of many talents and boundless energy he was able to make everyone who ever met him feel privileged,. Thank you for the joy and happiness that you carried with you.

  • Mark McKelvey

    Jim's zest for life was an inspiration. He brought our daughter into this world and touched our lives in many ways..You leave us with many happy memories Thank you Jim. Mark&Michaela

  • Peter Ferris

    I cannot imagine how Jim's family must be feeling personally as I feel as distraught as I did at the death of Jimmy Ellis (the Northern Irish Actor and Director and Supporter and Mentor of Kenneth Branagh and myself and countless other Northern Irish Actors) who was the only equal to Jim Dornan's support, encouragement, and  belief in me. Both Jimmy Ellis and Jim Dornan never stopped trying to open doors for me, or for the work I was doing to try and help in Northern Ireland to open doors for talented individuals to access International Drama Schools or gain a foothold in the Acting Industry. The hole Jim Dornan will leave in my own life will be immeasurable and therefore I do not have words to convey the amount of sympathy I have for the whole Dornan family and how they must be feeling. On a personal Medical note, Jim Dornan was for many years the only one who was determined to get my partner Fiona's Lymes Disease  recognised when no one else would consider it, with certain individuals even calling her a liar...which reduced her (and I) to tears....and at the worst moments it was Jim's belief and texts, emails and phone calls to Fiona that got us through and to an an eventual diagnosis....long before Matt Dawson and Shania Twain were "promoting" the "illness and effects" of Lymes Disease I can never thank Jim enough for lifting us both out of those "darkest moments"... Like moments that I would never tell Fiona but which Jim got me to admit when we were having our "almost regular monthly" drinks in The Crowne Plaza and where Jim would then support me as a carer....."No one asks the carer how they are doing"....he said....I tried everything not to cry..."its ok to feel everything you are feeling" he said..and it was as if someone took the Weight/the Shame away...and it went ...the feeling of not being able to be strong enough went...Jim said it was ok to feel like this.....then I knew I could be there for Fiona for however long this took....Two sentences from Jim took eight years of feeling like a failure and pain away... Moving on, I was invited to give a speech at the United Nations this morning regarding the success of my training and work in Northern Ireland and now Internationally, using acting masterclasses and acting exams to inspire students to further education but in careers beyond the acting profession including medical and legal etc etc.....and today Jim isnt here to tell...I am truly gutted...because Jim's pride and support were what made little victories/successes like this morning at the United Nations feel like scoring the FA Cup winning goal!!! Or winning a BAFTA or winning an OSCAR. If everyone in the world could meet and be inspired and encouraged by a "mentor" like Jim Dornan...... "The World would be an even better place." His Quote..."Look we are where we are".....was the reboot to anger and frustration like the soothing hug you got from his smile.... All the negativity was left behind... Then you said to him "Right ...lets start from here..." And he immediately said....."You know who you should speak to.....then sent a text or email introducing you to that person... Jim....I miss you beyond missing you Thank you for being you. Peter Ferris

  • John Ferris

    I feel privileged to have met, trained, socialised and worked with Jim over our twenty year friendship. Jim and Samina first came in to my studio around 2003 and it was a pleasure to train them both as their wit and sense of fun always made the hour fly in... well at least for me!! Jim’s infectiousness was always evident and never more so than when he first relayed his idea for sticking a football net in the centre and playing around it. Circular soccer was born! Over the next five years many hurdles were overcome but alas at least for us it was not to be. Great moments were had by all involved. Even though our dream was unrealised, the experiences we had along the way were priceless. Not to be deterred Jim moved on to other ventures forever thinking and dreaming up new ideas. On that note I’ll leave you with this - A number of years ago Jim asked me “John boy you like to meditate. Tell do you define meditation?”...”In simple terms meditation is accessing a plane of no thought”” as quick as a flash Jim’s response was “stuff that!” . As each of us continue to engage with each other in this physical dimension, Jim ‘always the thinker’ is forever with us in the mental realm.

  • Nithya Ratnavelu

    I first met Jim in the Royal Maternity in my first year out of medical school when I was considering a career in O&G. He immediately put me at ease, and, because of him, I pursued this career path. He was an inspiration,a mentor and a giant amongst men. His contributions to the profession are innumerable. My heartfelt condolences are with you Samina, Jessica, Liesa and Jamie. Much love Xx

  • Pete & Mo Turner

    Like many of you our first encounter with Jim was in his role as an obstetrician. His care of course was wonderful . To be in Jim’s company was invariably to be enlightened, educated and entertained. We will forever enjoy his many anecdotes with a chuckle. Personally , on several occasions, Jim and Samina gave us invaluable help and advice. For this our family will always be grateful. On our annual golf trips to Val do Lobo “the guvnor” will be sorely missed. The lads will enjoy raising a glass (or six) each year to him on “Jim’s Day.”

  • Gary Brady

    On behalf of all his colleagues at RCSI Bahrain, it has been our privilege to work with Prof. Jim over the past 12 months. Although his time in Bahrain was short, it was filled with memories all of us will cherish. A man who worked hard and played hard would be my lasting memory. On trying to nail down dates for his arrival in Bahrain, his response to me was “can I get over for the Irish Party Gary”- the annual St Patrick's Day Ball in Bahrain. A hugely sociable colleague who was not only charismatic but exuded positivity. He was also extraordinarily humble and someone who treated everyone with respect and compassion. As one of our colleagues posted last week, "Ní fheicfimid a leithéid arís" which translates to ‘We will never see his likes again’. Rest in peace Prof and our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

  • Dic & Lizzie Clubb

    Words are insufficient: not even the deserved accolades for this matchless man. Hence, this offering of song (see link below) with self-indulgent deference to your “Danny Boy”:- Jim, You came to Wales many times: mostly for rugby (with reciprocation in Dublin) but also, typically, to offer comfort at my father’s funeral.  However, it was in Canada, forty-four years ago, that we sat in a concert hall before the visiting Pontarddulais male voice choir. They sang this. Let’s listen together one more time Dic

  • Rafiea Jeddy

    I knew Jim for only a year . What a charming ,kind and charismatic person. A legend . He made me forget that I was his junior and soon we had developed a beautiful relationship . Until he died , he kept in touch. So positive , so encouraging, so full of life. Jim , your memories will always be with me. I’ve learnt a lot from you and I miss you dearly. May you rest in peace. My sincere condolences to the family. An irreplaceable loss.

  • Paula Mc Garvey

    Liesa, I would like to express my sincerest sympathy to you and your family. My heart goes out to you in your time of sorrow. A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds, through us, they live on.

  • Jennifer McClelland

    So terribly sorry to hear this news. I’ve known Jim since we were medical students at QUB and before that Lorna and I walked to Portadown College together. Jim was great company, a terrific raconteur and an all round good egg! He will be sorely missed by many. Sending Liam’s and my sympathy to the whole family

  • Samina Aziz

    Oh Jim… Words are totally inadequate to describe this extraordinary man… a man who was brilliant, quick-witted, funny, always cheerful, always positive, caring, helpful, empathetic, generous, and oh-so-wonderful!! I was in love with him 5 minutes after meeting him! His boundless energy and enthusiasm was infectious! Whenever I stayed with Samina & Jim, even after a long day of work, he would be excited to do something in the evening ‒ and have the energy for it too!! Never a dull moment with Jim!! Yet I found there was another facet to his incredible personality… it wasn't just that he was a great guy himself, but that he made you feel you were wonderful too, worthy, special, and important. He always had time for you. I was lucky to have visited Samina & Jim last year, and to have spent some quality time with him, including his birthday. Jim, you really enriched my life, and I was blessed to have known you. Rest in peace dear friend.

  • Mike and Jo Belfort

    It’s been one week since Jim passed away and it still doesn’t seem real. The pain is raw, the loss of huge, and the void will never be filled. The outpouring of grief over the loss of Jim says it all- he was a legend, beloved by everyone who was lucky enough to meet him and remembered for so many different reasons - the definition of “Jim Dornan” would fill a page in the Oxford dictionary. To us he was most importantly “friend” We met Jim and Samina on a trip to South Africa and knew immediately we had found friends for life. We traveled to Ireland to their home, they visited us in Texas and the next place per Jim’s recent whatsapp was we’d meet “somewhere” once this pandemic ended. Well we hate you Covid-19. We will always remember Jim for his incredible contributions to medicine, his humour, his positive attitude, his beautiful smile, and love of life. Jim lit up any room he walked into. In an interview I heard Jim say that he wanted to be remembered because he had “touched some people”. Well, you did that Jim and we are all forever grateful. We love you Jim- See you again “somewhere” Mike and Jo Belfort

  • Bobby, Truly and Tara Gilmore

    Jim left us all so suddenly and the outpouring of love and affection from everyone who knew him has been overwhelming. We hope that this beautiful poem may give us strength at this saddest of times Do not stand at my grave and weep; I am not there. I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn’s rain. When you awaken in the morning hush, I am the swift uplifting rush Of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry; I am not there. I did not die. RIP Dear friend.

  • Michael and Anne Maguire

    It has been such a shock to hear of Jim's passing. He was an incredibly sincere and genuine guy. I was privileged to have spent many years training with him in the Gym (Motivate in Holywood). Many a laugh we had during our work outs. He will be greatly missed. Thoughts are with Samina and his Family.

  • Maria Karakoulaki

    Dear Jim I met you only twice but that was enough to feel your greatness! First time was at your home in JBR. We were discussing about spirituality and you were saying that without some kind of spirituality in life, we would be lost. This is when I realized that you’re a philosopher. The second time I saw you, was just a few weeks ago in the hospital. Three days after your surgery and you were looking so strong and were so happy about your progress with physiotherapy. You were asking me with truly interest about my job and then you were telling me about your new passion of teaching in Bahrain. You were just so warm and genuine that I felt like knowing you for years. When I left the room I was so fulfilled and happy about my new friend! Within such a short time your extraordinary positive energy touched my heart forever! God bless your kind soul Jim.

  • Jeremy Macartney

    Dear Samina and the Dornan Family I’m just so shocked and devastated at the loss of our great friend Jim I’m so terribly sorry for your loss Jim was obviously held in the highest esteem by so many people and you would be so proud if you could read and hear all of the accolades and tributes being paid to him in his professional life But for me, Jim was “just Jim” I just loved being in his company when we golfed in Portugal. Despite Jim being the obvious raconteur and “entertainer” my fondest memories are of quite intimate conversations I had with Jim, whether that was when we shared a buggy on the course, or, as happened quite often, sharing a gin and tonic together early evening before we went out for dinner - we both had a habit of being first down and ready to go!!! He was so wise and knowledgeable but had such a wicked, funny and sharp sense of humour. He never took himself too seriously despite his obvious status in society - a quality I really admired and respected To say he will be missed is a huge understatement. For me, and my closest friends from the Portugal trip, we promise we will always find time to remember him on our trip. “Jim’s Day” was something we developed in recent years - a day for resting, chatting, telling stories, nice lunch, and probably a few too many wines I think it will be lovely to continue that day and have a toast to our absent but dearly loved friend. He was a truly great man! My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  • Brian , Lynne , Jordan and Poppy Hanna

    So shocked and saddened to hear of Jim’s passing and can’t quite believe he’s gone . Our family held great affection for this wonderfully clever and charismatic man . It was just recently he’d been in touch to organise a boys lunch as he was due home can’t tell you how much we were looking forward to catching up with him. We will miss Jim so much. Sending our love to Samina Liesa, Jess , Jamie and their families. I hope you find comfort knowing this amazing man belonged to you x ..

  • Junior (William) Donnelly

    I was shocked and saddened as i read the message posted on our Man United WhatsApp group in the early hours of Monday 15th March informing us that, sadly, our dear friend Jim had left us at 23:30 Sunday evening. What made the moment even more poignant was that it was only the previous Sunday that Jim had posted a witty comment about the Liverpool Manager, Jurgen Klopp's recent run of form in the same Man United WhatsApp group. How can it be, that this could happen, has happened, so quickly and to someone so sprightly. I along with the rest of those in our group (Suresh, Pat, Albert, Neal, Gav) would have watched and travelled with Jim to see his beloved Manchester United on numerous occasions and now our wee football circle was coming to terms with the sudden passing of our esteemed friend, Jim Dornan. I have so so many fond memories of our trips to Manchester and further afield to watch our team, the results weren't always favorable but the craic was mighty. I remember one of the most memorable trips for me was when we all headed off to Rome to watch Manchester United play Barcelona in the Champions League Final, there was a ban on drinking alcohol around the centre of Rome that day because of the fear of crowd trouble however Jim found this little restaurant that served great Italian food and agreed to serve us local red wine (I don't think they could have know how much us Irish can put away). Any how's, we got settled in, placed the food order and then a constant flow of good red wine commenced, Jim would start the conversation with a discussion on the current team and predict the result (Which was usually wrong), then he would move the conversation to talking about Rome and Italy, that would then lead to politics and his own views about what a future in Northern Ireland could look like, a future that would be peaceful and one in which all our people could be happy - as you can imagine that would be an interesting conversation in itself, thereafter the conversation could go in a million different directions, the arts, film, business ideas, the advances in modern medicine etc etc etc but the one thing that you could be guaranteed is that whatever the topic of conversation, it was discussed with passion and energy, it would be interesting and thought provoking, it would be relevant and insightful, Jim would add a sense of humour and more often would give a very different view or perspective (Oh, and by the way, Jim's prediction on the result was wrong that day too). I remember sitting in my office one day with Jim and Jess discussing a business idea, when Jim left i said to Jess, "That's a great idea but i'm not sure if it makes commercial sense or if it could make a profit however, if we could bottle your dad's passion and energy we would both be millionaires". I'm gonna miss that energy and passion, I already miss those midweek matches when we would have arrived up to the house and Jim would have had the burgers sizzling and the wine chilling. Most of all i'm gonna miss his craic, the story telling, the fun and laughter, the positive energy that always surrounded him. He would have often talked about Samina and it was evident to see how happy she made him, how his eyes lit up as she walked into the house after a long day at work. He was also very proud of his children, that they had pursued their dreams and were now living their best lives. We're all gonna miss you my friend but as i stand amongst 76,000 fellow reds, as the tension builds, the countdown to kick off begins and just before the whistle blows, i will look to the skies and put a little smile on my face knowing your looking down on us all. Junior

  • Jacqui Sproule

    I was so saddened to hear of the death of Dr Jim Dornan i first met him in 1988 when I was pregnant for a third time after having 2 previous miscarriages the care he showed me during my pregnancy I will b truly grateful for as it subsequently resulted in me having a beautiful healthy daughter .I always say he was our hero and a true gentleman. Our thoughts are with his wife and family at this sad time .

  • Dr Ed Lees

    One of Ulster Medicines truly likeable characters. We sat together on the Hospital Junior Doctors Group Committee back in the middle 1970s fighting for recognition of the ridiculously long hours worked by Junior Doctors in those days and he never stopped fighting for just causes all his life. Sincere sympathy to his whole family circle.

  • Traci Buehler

    I did not have the pleasure of meeting Jim - as I live in the United States - but I wanted/needed to express my deepest condolences to his entire family and close friends. What a sad and tragic way to die.

  • Colin & Hilary Anderson

    Dear Samina and the entire Dornan family, Hilary and I want to express our deepest sympathy to you on the passing of a dear husband, father and grandfather. To the both of us, like many, Jim was a wonderful man. Everything already written about him by others is all perfectly true. He was a very special person. We just want to share our feelings for you, on this very sad occasion. It must be heartbreaking. We did not know Jim as well as many others who have already contributed, but we did share some very special moments together. Such is life that those moments, be they short lived or enduring, can mean so much. For the both of us Jim became a friend who would take a call anytime or anywhere in the world. He was always intelligent, humorous and welcoming, should it be meeting Hilary on the steps of the gym as they passed each other for training, chatting over a table in a restaurant or speaking with us on a vast range of different topics. He was always buoyant. We always believed he deserved even greater recognition for his achievements. He was very successful - and success is a spike very few people can sit on. Jim managed it with ease and with unpretentious modesty. We extend our sincere condolences.

  • María Isabel Uribe

    Es muy triste perder seres queridos por esta situación!

  • Noel Scott

    I was so sorry and shocked to hear of Jim's death. A true original, a force of nature, who lived life to the full. We last met at our 45th reunion, Sept 2018. I salute Jim, and feel shock and sadness at his untimely passing, and convey again my utmost condolences to his family for this massive loss.

  • Dic Clubb

    His sense of humour, as we all know, was unparalleled. Less obvious was his courage, which was of a quieter, determined tenor. The early morning hours at a festival in Quebec exemplified both. Jim and I had finished the long day at a French bar, where we’d been obliged to surrender our festival drinks on entry. Several hours later - and the last to leave the bar - we remonstrated as return of our drinks was refused. Tempers frayed and physicality was threatening as we were heavily outnumbered by irate Quebecois staff. Jim came to the rescue with his heaviest Belfast accent (and this was in 1976 when the “Troubles” were very much extant): “This is outrageous! Where I come from, in Belfast, we readily surrender our guns at the door when we enter bars but they are ALWAYS returned when we leave.” The atmosphere changed immediately: the opposition sheepishly apologized and even offered us $100 as compensation. Jim said “No, £75 will be enough”. Funny, brave ... and generous too!

  • Claire Pavl

    My dear Dornan family, I would like to wish you my sincere condolences with all my heart. I still think about you a lot. You are strong and you have to manage it. I can't imagine how you have to feel. Now it's most important that you stick together. I love you all very much and I hope that everything will be as before as possible. Jamie, Jess and Leiso think of you and I really wish you could stick together, you will overcome it. We are all with you. Think of you and hold on! With love, Claire <3

  • Nicole

    Rest in peace Jim

  • Ann Lane

    I never personally met Jim, but have read so many touching tributes and stories about him, so sorry to all Jim's family and friends for their loss, R.I.P. Jim 💞 xXx

  • Jessie Brain

    Thinking of you all in this sad time god bless 🙏🏻

  • Laurie sura

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Dornan family at this difficult time. Always keep the memories close to your heart.

  • Larson

    Bonjour je vous présente mes plus sincères condoléances et suis de tout coeur avec vous durant cette épreuve très difficile une fan de Jamie et Amelia

  • María Raquel Adaos Solar

    From Chile to the south of the world I send my condolences to the whole family. Seeing the patient photos and reading about the way Dr. Dornan were with the pardons makes you regret his departure much more. It can be seen from comments and phytographs that he was a man who gave great values to his children, only one of them is a public figure but seeing his behavior shows that he is a tremendously humble person. I wish that his wife and children receive resignation and can continue with their work and life signature. all of you receive my love and strength. Raquel Adaos

  • An

    He was an amazing person. Man. Father. Everything. My deepest condolences to everyone who was loved by him.

  • Yasmari Ferreiro

    The great suffering and pain that we are going through because of Jim's death is the best proof of the great person that he was and is. I learned about him and his extraordinary work thanks to Jamie Dornan, it was so exciting to hear him talk about his father, the admiration with which he told his anecdotes in any interview. Then I decided to find out about him on my own and every time I was surprised by how excellent a person he was with everyone around him. Now I read all these experiences lived with him and I feel them as my own. It is very comforting for the family to know that I left this mark on each person, who was a very admired and happy person. I hope that all the beauty that I leave will comfort the family to move on. My condolences to the Dornan family and accompanying them in their pain.

  • Marciana

    Deus disse: "Eu sou a ressurreição e a vida . Quem crê em mim,ainda que morra, viverá,e quem vive e crê em mim nunca morrerá."

  • Sandra Mollinedo

    Condolences to the Dornan family. May you all find strength in each other and in your happy memories with your dad to get through this sad time.

  • Sarah Paquin

    Oh so sorry to hear about the loss of your dad please accept my heartfelt condolences and know that he will always be with you keep him in your heart and he is not far away

  • Diane Porter

    An amazing man who was taken far too soon. Sincere condolences to the Dornan family. ‘Memories never die ....they remain in our hearts forever’ RIP Jim 💙🎈🙏🏻

  • Farzana

    I learned about Jim dornan through jamie and Jessica..whenver they talk about him they glow and so proud of their dad achievement. Then I read about Jim saw his some of interview the charity work and all .. it a great loss to human kind.May my condolences bring you comfort and may my prayers ease the pain of this loss. God bless. Love from India

  • Manuela Schulze

    wish Jamie and his whole family a lot of strength and strength in this difficult time I know what they are going through I also lost my father years ago he was full of cancer my condolences to the whole Dornan family I am a long-time fan of jamie ich my name is ela and I'm from Hamburg Germany you all feel depressed by me, I hope google has translated everything correctly because unfortunately I can't speak english, greetings from Hamburg Germany

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